Sherene Melinda

Progressive Components
May 13, 2019

SHERENE MELINDA is an independent contemporary London-based designer handbag brand with a unique South African-inspired style. The handbags are offered in a variety of distinctive textures and shades giving every handbag its own look and personality


Logo Design

We took an original sketch that the owner drew in a notebook and digitised it. We did this to capture the raw yet original style of her work which is clearly visible in her products.

Business Card Design & Logo Placement

We went with a minimalistic approach to the Sherene Melinda business card designs, as we needed to emphasise quality of the brand. The best way to represent the quality of a clothing accessory brand is through feel. We used a simple design that drew all attention to the logo, and had the world renown Moo business card creators do their thing to create a quality in hand feel.